Donna Beard-Guadagni and Cynthia Duffy Will DiscussThe Secret Genius Project

Did you ever think that understanding your child’s behavior and responses to sensory information may be telling you so much more about your child then you could imagine?
Understanding sensory processing is instrumental in developing awareness and understanding of your child. It can be a basis of communication, a springboard to develop verbal skills and to communicate emotion. By developing a deeper understanding of your child’s sensory processing issues, you will be better poised to determine strategies that enhance interest and skill development in your child. And you will be in a better position to respond to the behaviors you see.
Join us in The Secret Sensory Genius Coaching course with Founder, Donna Guadagni and Autism and sensory expert, Cynthia Duffy, OT unlock the mystery behind your child’s Secret Genius. We will look at common sensory processing issues, how these issues can affect you and your child, and unique strategies designed to draw out the Secret Genius within.
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Hear our live interview on The Total Education Network from Tuesday, September 8th.