Reset the Mind!

I often find myself thinking, "reset". It is a thought that instantly levels the playing field, wipes the board clean of any complications or mistakes real or imagined. It accepts what is and moves on anyway. It is permission to take a breath and know that I am at the beginning again and the world is once again my oyster. "Reset is an age-old concept that is known by a thousand different names depending on the beholder, revealing itself as forgiveness in a spiritual sense. It is that refreshing sense of newness. It is the anticipation of beginning to read a new book,the thrill of start a new class, connecting with an old friend or the peace that comes with finally having achieved something important to you. It could be having begun to repair a broken relationship or being ok with one that no longer serves those in it. "Reset" could include finally setting out on a long awaited journey to a favorite vacation spot or simply setting out to achieve the thing that strums the strings of your soul most. The Secret Genius Project delivers the "how to" set within that frame of reference. How do you "reset"?