BREATHE YOURSELF INTO BEING.  The relationship between our sensory disposition and self-expression is as natural as breathing and it is much like when we inhale and exhale. It is a metaphor of the Secret Genius in action.

INHALE.  We “inhale” the world by absorbing it through our senses—the colors, the textures, the energies and frequencies we sense; the sounds and the silence; our experiences, the emotions they conjure and the responses they provoke; the causes and the effects; the action and the empty spaces between them,   we observe where something should have been – and we react to those observations in a very personal way.  Absorbing the world and our surroundings can include the effects of natural elements – air, water, fire, earth, plants and trees – the placement of them in a space, light, patterns, temperature and other outside influences and the interplay between them in various forms and combination that elicit a response.

EXHALE.  When you exhale, your interpretation of the surrounding influences are revealed in your self- expression of everything you do and everything you are: the clothes you wear; what you find amusing; the window treatments you choose for the space in which you live; your favorite color; what gets under your skin; what fills you with passion or rage or love or overwhelms you with gratitude and joy. The “exhale” is the gratification in spinning clay on the pottery wheel or articulating your thoughts in words to a group of listening ears or by teaching a fifth grader how work with a protractor or by articulating your thoughts by putting pen to paper or having earned the title of “go to” person for your sense of flair for color and design or your natural ability to plan a flawless party. Who we are is the product of how we’ve processed the input we received through our sensory selves. We are the product of our use or misuse of our natural tendencies, strengths and preferences.  It is self-expression and creativity. It is where your Secret Genius dwells. Input/output or inhale/exhale. We are sensory beings.  And if you’re alive you must breathe.   In that same way, you “inhale” your experiences and the world around you through your senses and “exhale” them in self-expression.  Reaching your Secret Genius is as natural as breathing. This expression comes in as many forms as there are hairs on your head; in as many forms as there are individuals.  

SOMETHING'S GONE WRONG! Problem:  Faulty Inhale.  Many times, the influences from the outside world are faulty or insufficient. They might have been too much of the wrong thing or not enough of another. We perhaps attached meaning to ideas that were either untrue or otherwise inaccurate, messages that we accepted as real. We may have, therefore, acted on these messages. You may have moved forward based on these ideas that moved you along a trajectory that strayed from our authentic selves and original mission. Problem: Obstructed Exhale.  When there is no opportunity for self-expression, it’s as if it’s hard to breathe. If the natural flow of your exhale of self-expression is blocked, interrupted or somehow impaired, it creates a laundry list of problems that put a damper on your well- being. Squelching the language of our individuality can be detrimental to our health, which can cause illness, depression and other damage.

PURPOSE.  You are creative. If you are alive you have been created. Just as sure as you need to breathe, you must absorb life through your senses, and exhale them with your unique interpretation. You can’t NOT exhale. Your exhale is self-expression. It is creativity.   If you have been created, you are creatIVE. You have a Purpose.  We, as living and breathing beings, are threads in the tapestry of a greater design. Not one stitch is random and all have purpose. It is fascinating to think that human beings share a predisposition toward self- expression because it is in our very nature, and that nature is part of the pattern and origin to which we ourselves belong.

HOPE and HEALING.  The Secret Genius Project reveals our distinct connection to these repeated systems and formulas in nature. It delivers the tools to explore your relationship to the intelligent design in which you play a part and therefore have purpose. If you have purpose you cannot be lost. You may have temporarily strayed from your intended path or perhaps may have even been missing in action for most of your life. It only matters that there is hope. You have a purpose. Therefore you have hope.  There is a path back to yourself and a way to engage and employ your Secret Genius in your life.  Where there is purpose and hope, there is healing. Your Secret Genius is in the knowing and strength and direction beneath it.

PROOF.  It’s in the cutting edge technology. The Higgs Boson or “God Particle” was the missing link that breathed life and dimension into the long-known scientific equation that was otherwise an incomplete, flat blueprint until just 2013. In the same regard, it is an exciting proposition that we now have the technology and tools to measure neurons firing in the brain when someone sees a thing of beauty. The neuroscience we now have can measure the things with which we could previously only speculate by making them tangible. This includes how we absorb the world through our senses, process those things, then respond in various ways.  We are on the precipice of harnessing how to increase the effectiveness of sights, sound, textures, smells and other stimulus we process through the senses in order to flip what seems to be nothing short of a magical switch that we can leverage to our benefit.   For example, we have discovered the following seemingly miraculous effect of processing include: Alzheimer’s patients speak when they are sitting in the presence of great art; Parkinson’s sufferers are seeing a measureable reduction of tremoring when exposed to music; stuttering is reduced when the individual sings instead of talks.  Cutting edge technology is enabling us to do some fine tuning on precisely what sort of sensory influence is needed to effect particular changes for people with different needs. And not just deficits. This applies to the enhancing our lives in areas such as creativity and self-expression.

CONNECTION.  We are social creatures.  We are wired to thrive on interaction with each other through our senses shortly after conception, including connection to one another through the energy of our physical presence and written and spoken word of conversation. With it, we thrive; without it, we literally can perish. Small wonder that it’s now been scientifically proven that language is inherent in our DNA.   Understanding the processes of our own “inhale” and “exhale” is crucial to our well- being.  When we understand ourselves we can then, not only understand but sympathize and even empathize with others. When we understand others we become even better acquainted with ourselves. It gives rise to effecting change by paying it forward and helping others to heal along with ourselves. It is part of the natural posturing that occurs when your own existence begins to fall into alignment. When we experience self-awareness we recognize the value, the triumph and tribulation in others on a cellular level. We are able to connect with them because they are a mirror of the path through which we have traveled. The quality of this awareness propels us forward to validation, connection and healing.

THE SECRET GENIUS PROJECT.  The Secret Genius Project is the HOW-TO  stir up, make real and cultivate the passions and shining ideas that are your own, and that you are naturally drawn toward that have been buffed away, pushed aside, ignored and nearly forgotten  in the name of “more important things”.  This work reignites the flame under which those first wondrous mystical breathtaking imaginations that are at the root of who you were when you were born are made of.  It’s the stuff that came in the package the day you arrived here on earth and who you still are, if you want to find it. The Secret Genius Project addresses this life enrichment & enhancement and health & wellness. It is a program that delivers connection with our autistic children and their parents and with our aging parents who suffer with Alzheimer’s disease. It addresses building self-esteem in young people, recovery from illness and addictions and healing for veterans suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder.  It speaks to Baby Boomers in a quest for reinvention and it is a course that teaches leadership development and more. This project is the hands-on manual to become acquainted with yourself, to find power and relief, healing and validation.  The Secret Genius Project programs deliver hands-on, how-to courses to tap your Secret Genius in numerous areas. It is a practical methodology to help you transition to understanding where your Secret Genius lies, transforms that knowledge into real action through comprehensive teaching and finally moves you, the Secret Genius, to transcend old limits and then to use and share your own signature purpose in your life.